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New Skins

Exchange money for Bullets


How to buy skins?

Buying skins for Counter-Strike 2 on Akavector is very easy. To buy a skin, simply add it to your cart. Once you have found all the items you were looking for, you can proceed to checkout your order and pay for it. Our wide range of payment options ensures that shopping is as easy as any other online purchase.

What payment methods are accepted on this website?

We accept all major credit cards online, including Visa and MasterCard.

What is Akavector? is an easy-to-use online shop that sells skins for Counter-Strike 2 for the shop’s internal currency “bullets”. provides its customers with a simple purchase process.

What are the “Bullets”?

The bullet is the name of the internal currency, which is purchased for real currency and then used to buy Counter-Strike 2 skins.

Why should I trust this website?

We are dedicated to preserving your privacy and keeping your personal information private. We adopt significant technical and organizational security precautions that are continually evaluated and updated to technological advances in order to avoid any manipulation, loss, or misuse of your data stored by us. This includes, for example, the use of well-known encryption methods (SSL or TLS).

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